When it sounds like I’m addressing you, I am. When it looks like I made something for you, I did.

I am here for and with you - not for some part of you that looks like an opportunity for me.

I am not on a script. I am not speaking words out of habit. I am not mass-producing relationship.

I am here to be me, and to discover you being you, and to find out what it means for us to exist together, if only for a moment.

There’s no sale. There’s no call to action. There’s just me, and you, and whatever wants to happen next.

“No robot” is this idea. I am no robot, following protocol without mind. I am conscious, I am honest, I am here. This is the promise: if it looks like I’m here for you, it’s because I am here for you.

Love, Isaac

In practice

Humans and robots